TB awareness DVD evaulated in the remote mountains of Malaita, Solomon Islands

Thursday, 22 August, 2013

Children and other community members from a very remote East Kwaio mountain village, Nu'u, were fascinated by TB stories in the draft TB awareness DVD produced by the TB Reference Group, based at Atoifi in East Kwaio, Malaita Province, Solomon Islands.

The DVD has been produced as part of an Australian Respiratory Council funded project. The project management team consists of community leaders from the mountains and the coast, and health professionals from Atoifi Adventist Hospital, Atoifi College of Nursing, James Cook University, Hunter-New England NSW Health and Tropical Health Solutions. Rick Speare, Director of Tropical Health Solutions, was a member of a team piloting the first draft of the DVD. The team walked 9 hrs through tropical forest to reach the village.

The feedback from this community and individuals from the East Kwaio mountains and the coast has been used to modify the draft DVD. The rollout of the final DVD to 35 villages in East Kwaio is scheduled to begin in September.

Late presentation to the hospital with TB has been a problem in East Kwaio, particularly for the mountain people owing to a number of barriers including cultural issues (Massey et al 2012). This project along with other initiatives is starting to improve TB case detection rates in East Kwaio.

Massey PD, Wakageni J, Kekeubata E, Maena’adi J, Laete’esafi J, Waneagea J, Fangaria G, Jimuru C, Houaimane M, Talana J, MacLaren D, Speare R. TB questions, East Kwaio answers: community-based participatory research in a remote area of Solomon Islands. Rural and Remote Health 2012;12:2139.

Posted by Rick Speare